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Trade schools offer individuals the opportunity to acquire valuable skills in a relatively short period of time. After their training, candidates may launch successful careers, with an opportunity to start their businesses and scale their earnings even further.

Individuals interested in attending a trade school in the state of Alabama will be glad to know that there are plenty of amazing schools and trade programs in the state. Below, we look at some of the best and most notable options.

Before then, however, we provide comprehensive details about other important considerations, including the average cost of state trade schools and possible financial aid options.

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​​​​Average Cost of Trade Schools in Alabama

On average, trade programs in Alabama often cost between $5,000 to $15,000. These figures are still less expensive than colleges and universities in the area.

The factors affecting the exact cost of a trade school program in Alabama include the following:

  • Program Type - The particular program the candidates enroll in will naturally affect their tuition cost. Some programs are more specialized, requiring expensive equipment, leading to a higher tuition cost.
  • Duration - Trade school programs that take longer to complete tend to be more expensive simply due to the higher overall expenses incurred over the entire duration of the program.
  • Location - Some locations within the state have a higher cost of living than others, leading to a disparity between the cost of attending a trade school in various parts of Alabama.
  • Materials - As expected, the cost of materials, tools, and equipment varies from program to program, leading to a difference in tuition and overall program cost.
  • Financial Aid - whether or not a program has financial aid availability also influences its cost. We discuss more about financial aid for trade school programs in Alabama below.

Financial Aid for Trade Schools in Alabama

There are a handful of federal and state financial aid initiatives that trade school students in Alabama may take advantage of. For instance, candidates may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to confirm eligibility for federal funding.

Students may also consider need-based aids, an example of which is the Pell Grant, which can provide up to 6,000 for an academic year.

As for state financial aid programs, the Alabama Commission on Higher Education has a number of initiatives, including the Alabama student assistant program that can give up to $5,000 per academic year.

Students of trade school programs in Alabama may also consider the following scholarships:

Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions

The Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions offers a $1,000 in scholarship for students in career entry-level programs. To qualify, candidates must be enrolled in a degree-granting health discipline program.

Baptist Healthcare Foundation Scholarships

Baptist Healthcare Foundation offers $1,000 scholarships for Baptist Health employees and their families. Candidates must be enrolled in or seeking enrollment in an allied health career program.

Alabama Home Builders Foundations Scholarship

Candidates pursuing construction programs may apply for scholarships offered by the Alabama Home Builders Foundations Scholarship. The amount on offer varies and is decided by the scholarship committee. Candidates must be admitted into an accredited school to qualify.

El Gibson Foundation Scholarship

El Gibson Foundation Scholarship offers candidates in Alabama, particularly Coffee County, the opportunity to pursue an allied health field on a scholarship. The Enterprise State Community College administers the scholarship.


Mercedes-Benz Us International Scholarships

Mercedes-Benz Us International Scholarships awards candidates in Alabama High Schools – particularly Jefferson and Tuscaloosa counties – $2,000 to study in a trade school or college program.

Licensing and Accreditation for Trade Schools in Alabama

To ensure high academic and career preparation standards, candidates are advised to attend only accredited trade schools. In Alabama, a handful of approved associations and commissions are responsible for trade school accreditation.

Two of the most prominent are the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools and the Council on Occupational Education. Another alternative is the national accrediting agency, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

The most relevant accrediting agency for schools offering distance programs is the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

Candidates may consult the resources the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the Department of Education offers to discover recognized accreditation agencies in Alabama.

Top Vocational Trade Schools in Alabama


Wallace State Community College

Hanceville, AL Online + Campus

Wallace State Community College in Hanceville gives students the opportunity to obtain an associate degree or certificate in almost 90 programs. The school boasts high-quality instructors with great experience in the field.

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$4,860 - $8,550

  • (866) 350 9722


Gadsden State Community College

Gadsden, AL Online + Campus

Gadsden State Community College, located in Gadsden, Alabama, offers candidates the opportunity to receive associate degrees in any of 23 programs and a certificate in 42 programs. The school maintains a highly focused curriculum with enough flexibility for online classes.

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$3,930 - $7,860
  • (256) 549 8200

Northeast Alabama Community College

Rainsville, AL Online + Campus

At Northeast Alabama Community College, candidates receive high-quality training in various fields, including 16 associate degree programs and 26 certificate programs. The school also offers a diverse enrollment initiative with online and on-campus training opportunities.

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$5,000 - $7,816
  • (256) 638 4418

Jefferson State Community College

Birmingham, AL Online + Campus

Jefferson State Community College is another wonderful destination for high-quality trade/vocational training in Alabama. As with most notable schools in the state, the school combines hands-on training with classroom instructions and offers both associate degree and certificate options.

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$4,920 - $8,610
  • (888) 453 3378

Bishop State Community College

Mobile, AL Online + Campus

Bishop State Community College allows students to choose from 18 associate degree programs and 22 certificate programs. The school also allows students to choose between online and campus-based classes.

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$3,870 - $7,740
  • (251) 405 7000

Notable Mentions

Other prominent trade schools offering quality trade programs in Alabama include Trenholm State Community College, Lurleen B Wallace Community College, Calhoun Community College, and Shelton State Community College.

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