Wind Turbine Technician Schools in Florida

Along with clear step-by-step instructions on becoming a wind turbine mechanic in Florida, the article below provides extensive information regarding some of the most important components in the overall journey.

For instance, we examine the certification and licensing requirements that aspiring professionals in the field must be familiar with in Florida before providing an overview of some of the most notable training programs in the state.

Lastly, future wind turbine mechanics in Florida will also be glad to know that we have highlighted possible annual average salaries to expect based on some of the most important criteria, such as location, experience, and specialty areas.

How to Become a Wind Turbine Mechanic in Florida

Below are the steps involved in starting a wind turbine mechanic career in Florida:

Educational Prerequisites

Winter turbine mechanics in Florida do not necessarily have to attend a post-secondary training academy to start practicing professionally. However, they must fulfill the basic educational prerequisite: a high school diploma or GED.

This will make it easier to secure enrollment into any training academy or to receive training on the job.

Postsecondary Education

There are a few ways for wind turbine mechanics in Florida to receive actual wind technology training. These include attending an academic program, receiving training on the job, or, most commonly, combining both approaches.

Academic Training Programs

Community colleges and technical schools in the area organize academic training programs for wind turbine mechanics. As expected, this program deals with the fundamental theoretical principles governing wind technology.

Candidates may receive a little bit of hands-on training but nothing too extensive.

On the Job Training

Wind turbine technology companies and professional organizations usually organize on-the-job training. These programs allow aspiring wind turbine mechanics in Florida to experience what the job entails in the real world.

They will also develop the confidence to be able to operate independently. Typically, “on-the-job” training for wind turbine mechanics in Florida lasts a year.

Combining Both Approaches

As mentioned above, the most common approach to becoming a wind turbine mechanic in Florida combines academic and on-the-job training.

Candidates may enroll first in a 2-year technical program before spending an extra 12 months receiving training on the job.

They may then proceed to apply for professional credentials.

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Licensure & Certification Requirements

Earning professional certification can go a long way in helping a wind turbine mechanic in Florida start their career on the best possible trajectory. Professional credentials are not only appealing to employers but are also incredible tools for continuing education and professional networking.

The most pertinent credential for wind turbine mechanics in Florida is the one offered by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Another popular option is the one offered by the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA).

While both of these credentials are very beneficial, it is also worth mentioning that they are neither compulsory nor mandated by the state.

Top Wind Turbine Mechanic Schools in Florida

Aspiring wind turbine mechanics in Florida may consider the institutions below for a comprehensive wind technology education.


Everglades University

Boca Raton, FL Online + Campus

Future wind turbine mechanics at Everglades University in Boca Raton will enjoy learning under experienced instructors * * in state-of-the-art facilities. Topics include introduction to wind technology, safety, blueprint reading, and electric circuits, among others.

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$20,000 - $22,000
  • (888) 854-8308



College of the Florida Keys

Key West, FL Online + Campus

College of the Florida Keys offers an associate degree covering renewable energy as a part of a wider engineering technology program. Candidates who focus on the renewable energy part of the programs must complete 15 credit hours of general courses, 18 credit hours of core courses, and 25 credit hours of specialty courses.

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$3,276 - $13,162
  • (305)809-3188



Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee, FL Online + Campus

Lastly, aspiring wind turbine mechanics in Florida may also receive their training from Tallahassee Community College's Green Academy. Here, they will learn about troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing wind turbine components and be able to secure employment upon graduation.

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$2,026 - $8,062
  • (850) 201-8555


Explore wind turbine mechanic schools by city:

Salary & Career Outlook

Florida wind turbine mechanics earn an annual average salary of $71,591 – significantly higher than the national average. Highest up the salary spectrum are professionals in the top 10%, earning an annual average salary of $105,139.

Those among the lowest paid still manage an annual average salary of $48,747. Some factors that can influence where a wind turbine mechanic falls on the salary spectrum in Florida include experience, location, and specialty area.

For example, considering some of the most popular cities in the state, wind turbine technicians in Tampa earn an annual average salary of $64,561; wind turbine technicians in Miami earn an annual average salary of $64,327, while wind turbine technicians in Jacksonville earn an annual average salary of $63,136.