Electrician Schools in Oregon

All electricians in Oregon must obtain a high level of training before they can start practicing professionally. There are quite a few options in this regard, each with its own benefits and peculiar edge over the other. Ultimately, your direction to obtain your training will be based on your preference.

One of the most popular approaches, however, is to attend a trade program offered by a college or other postsecondary institutions. Another approach is to attend a vocational/trade school. Once you’re done with the program, you may move on to the next important step, which is to become licensed and certified.

How to Become an Electrician in Oregon

There are three key steps involved in becoming an electrician in Oregon. Firstly, you must meet the prerequisites for enrolling in a trade program or apprenticeship. These include familiarity with topics in algebra and physics, along with possessing a high school diploma or GED.

Once you can get into a training program, the objective should be to learn a great deal of the fundamentals while putting what you’ve learned into practice through hands-on training sessions.

Lastly, graduates of an electrician training program may proceed to seek licensing and certification with the state board. We provide more details about this in one of the upcoming sections, but first, here’s a quick look at some of the very best electrician schools in the state.

Top Electrician Schools in Oregon

Below are a few notable electrician schools in Oregon curated based on the quality of programs, facilities, instructors, and tuition affordability.


Portland Community College

Portland, OR Online + Campus

The electrician training program at Portland Community College boasts of high-quality instructors with tons of experience bringing up new professionals in the field. One of the most prominent institutions in all of Oregon, the school offers both a certificate program and an associate's degree program in electrical and computer engineering.

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$1,680 - $3,360
  • 12000 SW 49th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97219 - 7132

  • (971) 722-8888

  • enroll@pcc.edu


Lane Community College

Eugene, OR Online + Campus

Another wonderful destination for aspiring electricians in Oregon, Lane Community College in Eugene, stands out for its combination of a formal trade college program with an apprenticeship program.

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$5,720 - $12,020
  • 4000 East 30th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97405

  • (541) 463-3000

  • admissions@lanecc.edu


Umpqua Community College

Roseburg, OR Online + Campus

Lastly, students in Oregon craving a high-quality electrician training program may consider Umpqua Community College.

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$5,477 - $5,945
  • 1140 Umpqua College Road, Roseburg, Oregon 97470 - 0226

  • (541) 440-4600

  • enrollmentservices@umpqua.edu

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

Oregon has two distinct categories for electrician licensing - the first category is for non-contracting electricians, while the second category is for contracting electricians.

Additionally, there are two separate bodies in charge of both licenses. The Oregon Building Codes Division Office (BCD) oversees the non-contracting license, while the Oregon Construction Contractors Board oversees the contracting licenses.

Furthermore, the state also has a handful of specialties for which electricians can obtain limited electrical licenses. Each specialty area has specific requirements regarding the level of experience and classroom training necessary.

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Salary and Job Outlook

Electricians in Oregon are among the highest earners in the field across the country. They earn a mean annual salary of $89,761. This figure is about 47% higher than the national average. Of course, the actual salary as an electrician in Oregon may be higher or lower than this figure, depending on a handful of factors such as experience level, establishment type, and location.

Those who fall into the lower spectrum of earners usually take home around $59,127 annually, while those in the top ten percent earn as high as $136,268.

The highest paying cities include Beaverton, with an average annual salary of $111,231, Salem, with $100,441, Hillsboro, with $99,953, Portland, with $94,331; and Gresham, with $94,325.