Carpentry Schools in Florida

Aspiring carpenters in Florida must have a passion for creating beautiful structures and an eye for detail. They must also be familiar with the steps to start a carpentry career in the state.

Anyone who has already gone through the process will tell you that the entire journey becomes a lot easier once you know what to expect before you even begin. Thankfully, that is exactly what we provide in the guide below.

In the upcoming sections, we will look at the various educational requirements needed to become a carpenter in Florida, along with the licensing and certification requirements.

We also provide a quick overview regarding the potential salary to look forward to and the career projection for the field over the next 10 years.

How to Become a Carpenter in Florida

Aspiring carpenters in the state of Florida have to follow the steps below on their journey to secure employment or start working independently:

Fulfilling the basic requirements

The basic requirements for aspiring carpenters in Florida include just two main conditions. The first is that they must be at least 17 years old, while the second stipulates that they must already have their high school diploma or GED.

Obtaining training

Before they can start working, carpenters in Florida must obtain training in one way or another. Below are the most prominent options available in this regard.

College Training

Colleges and vocational schools usually offer specialized courses in carpentry for interested students around the state. This course usually combines classroom instructions with practical hands-on training to produce complete carpenters capable of working in several settings.

Students also get to graduate with a certificate diploma or even an associate degree, depending on the particular program they apply for.

On-the-Job Training

Instead of enrolling in a formal training program, carpenters in Florida may consider enrolling in an apprenticeship program. Here they receive hands-on training from established professionals through initiatives run by trade unions or approved companies.

Those who desire on-the-job training may also consider applying for a role as a carpenter’s assistant. In this arrangement, they get to work as an understudy for practicing carpenters for a few years before moving on to open their shop or secure employment elsewhere.

Consider trades with similar paths:

Top Carpentry Schools in Florida


Valencia College Carpentry Technology Program

Orlando, FL Online + Campus

At Valencia College, students who wish to become carpenters may enroll in the carpentry technology program. This program is one of the best in the state, employs numerous experienced faculty members, and conducts its training in beautiful facilities.

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$103 - $390 per Credit
  • (407) 582-1507



Atlantic Technical College

Coconut Creek, FL Online + Campus

The Atlantic Training Program is another viable alternative for residents of Florida looking for a solid carpentry training school. The program prepares students for careers in both residential and commercial carpentry.

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$4,557 - $4,838
  • (754) 321-5100



Pensacola State College Carpentry Program

Pensacola, FL Online + Campus

Lastly, Pensacola State College is another beautiful destination for high-quality carpentry training. The school's carpentry program offers courses in numerous carpentry and construction techniques.

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$2,572 - $10,289
  • (850) 484-2544


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Carpentry Licensure and Certification Requirements in Florida

Carpenters in Florida who only carry out minor repairs are not legally mandated to hold a license. Licensing only becomes essential when taking on larger projects such as window insulation, wall removal, and cabinet construction.

To become licensed in Florida, carpenters must pass a licensing exam and business and finance exams to show they can run a business.

Regarding certification, carpenters in Florida usually consider getting certified by OSHA and the Red Cross for safety credentials. They may also consider getting the “Certified Lead Carpenter” credential offered by the National Association of the Remodelling Industry or the “Green Building and Sustainable Technology” credential provided by the US Green Building Council, among others.

Salary and Job Outlook

The exact amount a carpenter in Florida earns yearly depends on many factors, including their location, employer, and experience level. On average, however, carpenters in Florida tend to make an annual salary of $55,658.

Those in the top 10% of earners take home around $75,958 per year, while those in the bottom 10% still take home more than $40,783 per year.

Sarasota, Port Saint Lucie, and Jupiter are the three highest-paying cities for carpenters in Florida. Carpenters in those cities earn annual average salaries of $58,655, $57,716, and $56,252, respectively.

Jacksonville and Daytona Beach round up the top five with annual average salaries of $55,919 and $54,573, respectively.