Best Wind Turbine Technician Schools in Atlanta 2024

Wind turbine technicians in Atlanta, Georgia, are expected to undergo extensive training programs to develop the skills needed to succeed. How good a mechanic will be on the job will be directly proportional to the quality of training they receive.

For this reason, it is imperative to go with a top-quality option. To help candidates in the area discover some of the most notable alternatives in this regard, we have provided the in-depth guide below. Here, you will find a list of the schools that qualify under our strict criteria and an extensive analysis of their curriculum, structure, and what makes them deserving of a place on the list.

How to Become a Wind Turbine Mechanic in Atlanta

To become a wind turbine mechanic in Atlanta, the most important step is to acquire proper training either from an academic program, an apprenticeship program, training on the job, or a combination of these.

Before admission can be secured into a training program, candidates are advised to possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Once admission is secured, they will be taught the fundamental theories and topics in wind turbine technology.

Those who enroll for training on the job can also get their hands on actual wind turbine components.

Typically, the most popular approach is to combine these training routes by attending an academic or apprenticeship program for 2 to 3 years and then receiving training on the job for a year.

Explore detailed steps and certification requirements:

Top Wind Turbine Mechanic Schools in Atlanta, Georgia

The following are some of the best destinations to receive wind turbine technology training in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech offers a Certificate of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management program (CSEEM) that interested candidates can leverage to kick-start careers as wind turbine technicians in the state. The program is the first in the state and includes at least 12 credit hours of training.

The program is also highly flexible, allowing students to take classes remotely or on campus, depending on their preferences.

Candidates who have completed this program may go on to secure employment or contribute the credits earned towards pursuing even more advanced degrees. An example is the Master of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management program also offered by Georgia Tech.

As one would expect, the program includes a great deal of hands-on sessions and safety principles.

Zack Academy

Zack Academy is an institution in Georgia that offers corporate training in several areas, including construction, OSHA training, and more. Through a renewable energy continuing education program, the institution offers corporate training in renewable energy for practicing wind turbine technicians in Georgia.

Being a continuing education program, it is more suitable for those with prior experience in the field. It is also highly flexible and can be completed entirely online.

Some focus topics include materials identification, operations principles, energy efficient resources, and renewable energy options. The program involves regular assessment upon completion of each chapter.

Wind Georgia

Wind Georgia is the Georgia Wind Energy Association with a mission to educate and drive the growth of wind energy adoption in the state. While the association carries out most of its duties through projects and research, it also occasionally oversees training initiatives for aspiring wind turbine technicians and mechanics in the area.

The association also has several resources on its websites concerning the best places to receive training, including companies offering on-the-job training options and financial incentives.

NC Clean Energy Technology Center - NC State University

While most community colleges in Georgia, such as the Georgia Piedmont Community College and Albany Technical College, do not have dedicated wind and renewable energy technology programs, candidates looking for options may consider the program the neighboring North Carolina State University in Raleigh offers.

The program is known to be very comprehensive, including a great deal of classroom instructions perfectly balanced with hands-on training opportunities in modern laboratories and real-world environments. It has won multiple awards in the past for its high standards of education.

Students can look forward to a fast-paced training environment that tries to break down complex topics into easily digestible chunks. With a focus on multiple renewable energy areas such as solar, PV, wind, and thermal, candidates may go on to work in several fields, taking on any position, including securing employment as wind turbine mechanics.

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