Truck Driving Schools in Virginia

Residents of Virginia choose to be truck drivers for lots of reasons. These may include the love of the road, a free spirit, a quest for constant adventures, or the desire to be a professional in a field with great independence and a good salary.

Regardless of why one may become a truck driver in the state, candidates must go through the mandatory steps to acquire their CDL and start their careers.

The article below aims to provide a comprehensive guide that interested candidates can consult whenever they need clarity on key steps. Candidates will have all they need to enjoy a long, successful truck driving career in Virginia by the time they’re done with the article.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Virginia

Below are the key considerations needed to become a successful truck driver in Virginia.

Step 1: Fulfill the fundamental requirements

In Virginia, candidates aspiring to be heavy truck drivers must be at least 18 years old to get their CDL. Those who want to drive across state lines or handle hazardous materials must be at least 21.

Another requirement to look out for is medical certification. Truck drivers in the state are expected to be fully fit and capable of operating large vehicles.

Step 2: Enroll in a truck driving training program

The ultimate goal of the journey to become a truck driver in Virginia is obtaining a commercial driver’s license. However, to earn this license, candidates must pass a test.

They must attend a high-quality truck driving training program to pass the test.

These programs will teach individuals everything they need to know in the classroom and in an actual road environment. Some focus topics include vehicle operation, cargo handling, and safety regulations.

Step 3: Pass the written exam

After graduating from a training program — typically in a few months — candidates may apply for the commercial driver’s license test. This test is divided into two areas, the first of which is the written exam.

Those who graduate from a quality training program will already have been extensively prepared for this aspect of the test and should have a relatively straightforward time answering the questions.

Step 4: Pass the skills test

The second part of the commercial driver’s license test is the skills test. This aspect is typically more challenging to many drivers because of the pressure to showcase their skills to examiners in a real-world environment.

The skills test includes pre-trip inspection, control maneuvers, and on-road driving.

Step 5: Apply for your CDL

Candidates who have completed the above steps may apply for their CDL and become full-fledged truck drivers in Virginia. We take a look at the requirements involved in this process below.

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Licensure & Certification Requirements

Virginia CDL is divided into classes A, B, and C. The class A license allows drivers to operate vehicles with a gross combination weight rating of more than 26,000 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle being towed of more than 10,000 pounds.

Class B includes vehicles with GCWR of more than 26,000 pounds but towed vehicles weighing no more than 10,000 pounds. Class C includes vehicles transporting more than 16 passengers (including the driver) or hazardous materials vehicles.

To qualify for these licenses, candidates must graduate from an education program and obtain a commercial learner’s permit for at least 14 days.

They will then pay a $64 fee for a standard commercial driver’s license with no endorsement and an additional $1 for each endorsement to be renewed annually. The commercial learner’s permit costs $3, while the commercial driver’s license replacement fee is $20.

Top Truck Driving Schools in Virginia

The following are some of the top truck driving schools in Virginia:


Virginia Highlands Community College

Abingdon, VA Online + Campus

Virginia Highlands Community College offers a quality CDL training program with extensive hands-on training.

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$162 - $362 per Credit
  • (877) 207-6115



Camp Community College

Franklin, VA Online + Campus

Camp Community College holds classroom training at the Hobbs Suffolk Campus Room. Also incorporates hands-on training.

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$167 - $381 per Credit
  • (757) 562-8508



Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions

Middletown, VA Online + Campus

Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions includes 160 hours of classroom and on-the-road exercises.

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$4,739 - $10,742
  • (540) 868-7021



Danville Community College

Danville, VA Online + Campus

Danville Community College boasts experienced instructors and comprehensive training.

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$4,725 - $10,728
  • (434) 797-8467


Explore Truck Driving Schools by City:

Salary & Career Outlook

The annual average salary for a truck driver in Virginia was found to be around $101,153. This figure was obtained from a survey of truck drivers in the area. Data also reveal that truck drivers in Virginia who are among the highest-paid will typically earn around $208,031. At the same time, those among the lowest also manage an annual average salary of $49,184.

Factors affecting the average salary of a truck driver in the state include experience, specialization, location, and credentials. As for some noteworthy locations to be a truck driver in the state, they include Chesapeake, with an annual average salary of $117,699; Williamsburg, with an annual average salary of $109,284; and Roanoke, with an annual average salary of $107,950.

Truck drivers in Fredericksburg and Richmond earn annual salaries of $101,118 and $92,664.