Solar Technician Schools in Salt Lake City

Solar technicians in Salt Lake City enjoy incredible demand and an impressive salary. Moreover, the field continues to grow with astronomical projections over the next decade. It is no surprise that more and more city residents continue to pursue a career in the field.

In case you’d also like to consider a career as a solar technician in Salt Lake City, one of the most important steps in the process is to choose a training program. And if you’ve been having trouble doing so, you don’t have to worry; you have come to the right page.

Below we have provided an in-depth list containing the best solar technician training programs for students in and around Salt Lake City, along with a few words on why these programs deserve your attention.

How to Become a Solar Technician in Salt Lake City

To become a solar technician in Salt Lake City, you must possess at least a high school diploma or GED. This is needed to secure admission into a trade program or employment.

A driver’s license is also a basic requirement.

Those with experience in a related field may choose to obtain their training on the job, while those with no prior experience may have to enroll in a college or vocational school program.

Upon graduation, they must apply for licensure from the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. The particular license in question is the S202 Solar Photovoltaic Contractor license.

And even though all of these are more than enough to secure employment and start earning as a solar technician in Salt Lake City, those who want to improve their credentials even further may opt for professional certification.

Top Solar Technician Schools in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City has a handful of solar technician training school categories. These include programs run by community colleges, vocational schools, trade organizations, online courses, and even private companies.

We take a look at some of the best options below.

1. Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College is not only one of the most notable college programs for aspiring solar technicians in Salt Lake City but the entire country. The school’s solar technology program provides hands-on training without neglecting foundational classroom sessions.

The focus topics include the fundamentals of renewable energy, energy accounting for business, basic photovoltaic systems, residential and industrial energy efficiency, selling energy efficiency, and more.

Students get to graduate with an associate of applied science degree in energy management so that they can work in a host of fields, such as facilities operator, energy auditor, energy manager, energy efficiency consultant, and more.

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accredited the school, and the program can be completed in 18 months.

2. SolPowerPeople

SolPowerPeople is an online training option for those who desire more flexibility in their solar technology training. At SolPowerPeople, the courses are divided into short micro-classes dealing with topics such as introduction to photovoltaic systems, introduction to solar energy, and solar design tools.

By the time they graduate, students will have become familiar with everything they need to know about PV system components.

3. Solar Energy International

Solar Energy International is another online training school with impressive courses and convenient scheduling for solar technicians. The entire program can be completed in six weeks, and even though the program has an on-campus option for those who can make it, those who are unavailable may choose to complete their training online.

The school also offers certificate programs such as renewable energy applications certificate and commercial photovoltaic systems certificate.

4. Private Companies

Lastly, it is also possible to obtain training to become a solar technician by applying directly for training on the job from established companies in the area. Many of these companies are more than willing to bring up solar techs in the company’s culture right from the start.

Some also partner with certain training institutions to provide their employees the training they need in the beginning and through continuing education to improve even further.