Solar Technician Schools in Virginia

The drive for consistent renewable energy has seen a massive increase in demand for solar technicians nationwide. The state of Virginia is no different in this regard.

These professionals install, maintain, upgrade, and repair critical solar components. For their rewards, they enjoy a straightforward entry path and numerous opportunities for growth on the job.

Below, we explore the steps involved in becoming a solar technician in Virginia, the possible licensure requirements, certification options, and top training programs. We highlight key figures regarding the possible annual average salary of solar technicians in Virginia based on a few determining factors.

How to Become a Solar Technician in Virginia

The following are the key steps involved in starting a solar technician career in the state of Virginia.

Basic Requirements

Aspiring solar technicians in Virginia will be glad to know that the field has very few basic requirements to gain admission into a training program and secure employment. Most training institutions and employers may ask that candidates be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma, but this is not a statewide law.

Training Programs

Solar technicians in Virginia all begin their careers by attending a training program. However, the particular program tends to differ based on individual preference.

While some prefer to obtain their training from an academic institution like the Piedmont Virginia Community College, others choose instead to enroll in an apprenticeship program.

Naturally, both training avenues are valid, and each has its benefits. Academic programs are thorough, and their degrees/certificates always appeal to potential employers.

Apprenticeship programs are also thorough, focusing on hands-on training and real-world experience. They may also allow students to earn while they’re still learning.


Certification is another requirement not compulsory for a solar technician in Virginia but offers too many benefits to be ignored. It makes it easier to secure employment and gives professionals access to valuable resources that may be leveraged to improve and grow their careers.

Secure Employment

From here, candidates may secure employment by creating a resume highlighting their journey and applying for open positions. Some academic and apprenticeship programs offer job placement assistance to the best students.

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Top Solar Technician Schools in Virginia

The following institutions offer top-class training for aspiring solar technicians in Virginia.


Piedmont Virginia Community College

Charlottesville, VA Online + Campus

Piedmont, Virginia Community College offers solar technology training thanks to its Workforce Training Center. Students learn key topics, including module analysis, safety, maintenance of PV systems, and more. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and sound in reading and writing English.

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$4,790 - $10,793
  • (434)961- 6581



Virginia Highlands Community College

Washington , VA Online + Campus

Virginia Highlands Community College offers a solar technology training program called the Certificate in Solar Energy program. Students get to receive technical skills while also qualifying for professional credentials.

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$4,725 - $10,728
  • (276)739-2400




Online , VA Online Only

Solairgen offers online training for aspiring solar technicians all across the country. The school also makes provisions for candidates to receive hands-on training by partnering with specific centers in the state.

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$475 - $1,275 per Course
  • (800) 262-7560


Licensure & Certification Requirements

Like most states, Virginia has no state-wide licensing requirements for solar technicians. Candidates in most parts of the state may begin their careers immediately after completing all of the above steps.

However, checking in with local regulatory bodies for a clearer picture at the municipality level is still advisable. For instance, Arlington County requires technicians to register and obtain a permit for some specific installation activities.

Concerning certification, candidates may look to NABCEP - the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners - for a highly respected Photovoltaic Installation credential. Not only does this increase job prospects, as stated earlier, but it also increases credibility and customer confidence in your service.

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Salary & Career Outlook

The annual average salary for solar technicians in Virginia is $32,851. This is the annual average for those in the midpoint of earners in the state. Those in the top 10% earn an annual average salary of $60,735, while those in the bottom 10% earn an annual average salary of $17,768.

With experience and a favorable location, a solar technician in the state can improve their annual average salary. Improving these figures through continuing education and professional credentials is also possible.

Some of the top paying cities for solar technicians in Virginia include Virginia Beach, with an annual average salary of $75,583; Arlington, with an annual average salary of $63,382; and Richmond, with an annual average salary of $58,076.