Masonry Schools in Florida

Masonry workers are groups of professionals who specialize in creating structures from bricks, concrete, and other natural or man-made stones. When it comes to masonry career, there are several specializations such as brick, stonemasonry, and cement masonry.

Regardless of specialization, however, to become a masonry worker in Florida, interested individuals must go through a few pretty straightforward steps that can become challenging if not known beforehand.

To help you prepare, we have outlined below all the essential things you need to know before starting as a masonry worker in Florida.

How to Become a Masonry Worker in Florida

The following are the broad steps involved in becoming a mason in Florida.

Basic Requirements

Masonry workers mostly have two general paths to becoming professionals. Regardless of the path they choose, however, for a masonry worker, it is usually advisable to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent before getting started.

Training Paths

As mentioned above, masonry workers have two general pathways to kick-start their careers. These include obtaining training on the job or enrolling in an academic training program.

Training on the Job

On-the-job training is quite common for prospective masons as it allows them to see how things are done in the real world while they learn.

Aspiring masons in Florida who choose to obtain training on the job can do so either by applying to apprenticeship programs or working under experienced masonry workers as assistants for a while before branching out on their own.

Apprenticeship programs are much more structured and usually include multiple instructors and many hands-on training sessions. Trade unions and other approved institutions organize them.

Learning on the job under experienced masons also has its perks, including a great deal of mentorship and the opportunity to learn nearby.

Formal Training Programs

It is common for community colleges and trade schools in Florida to offer formal masonry programs taught by instructors in classrooms. Of course, given the nature of the job, these programs also incorporate many laboratory and workshop practical courses.

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Top Masonry Schools in Florida

The following are some of the most prominent masonry programs in Florida:

Masonry Association of Florida


Masonry Association of Florida

Orlando, FL Campus only

One of the prominent masonry organizations in Florida is the Masonry Association of Florida. This Association offers a high-quality apprenticeship training program created in 2022 for aspiring masons in the state.

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  • (239) 201-6089



Valencia College

Orlando, FL Online + Campus

Valencia College is known for having numerous high-quality technical and vocational training programs, including an array of courses on masonry. The school's Construction and Civil Engineering Technology program includes these courses.

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$2,474 - $9,383
  • (407) 299-5000



River Oak Technical College

Live Oak, FL Online + Campus

Lastly, individuals in Florida looking for a high-quality masonry program also have another viable alternative in the masonry program offered by River Oak Technical College. Training occurs full-time in the fall and spring semesters from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.


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$2.44 - $9.32 per Credit
  • (386) 647-4200

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Explore Masonry Schools by City:

State Licensure and Certification Requirements

In Florida, certification is not mandatory for masonry workers. Still, many choose to pursue certification anyway because it tends to help with employment opportunities and career growth.

There are numerous organizations responsible for certifying masons, with some of the most popular being the National Concrete Masonry Association, which offers a Certified Bricklayer credential, the International Masonry Institute, which offers both a Certified Masonry Technician credential and a Certified Masonry Inspector credential, and the Brick Industry Association offering a Certified Brick and Stone Installer credential, among others.

Salary and Job Outlook

The annual average salary for masonry workers in Florida is $37,496. The highest-paid masonry workers in the state earn an average yearly wage closer to $33,416, while those who are just starting their careers may earn closer to $26,322.

As expected, the city where they work tends to significantly influence how much a masonry worker will earn in Florida. Saint Petersburg is the highest-paying location for masons in Florida, with an annual average salary of $52,253.

This is followed by Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and Sarasota, with annual average salaries of $40,938, $40,483, $39,539, and $38,363, respectively.