CNC Machinist Schools in New York

CNC machinists understand how to set up, operate, and maintain CNC machines. These machines are complex instruments requiring a great deal of precision and expertise.

For these reasons, a few steps are involved in becoming a CNC machinist in New York. Thankfully, we have outlined all of these steps below, providing viable alternatives regarding education and top programs in the state.

We also look at a few certification and licensing requirements, along with the potential salary and job outlook for professionals in the field.

How to Become a CNC Machinist in New York

The following are the steps involved in becoming a CNC machinist in the state of New York:


Like any other occupation, the first step in becoming a CNC machinist in New York is to prepare for what is to come. Reading this article is already a significant step forward, as is familiarizing yourself with the different types of CNC machinists and their career duties.

Generally, CNC machinists are divided into three categories: operating, setup, and programming machinists.

Educational Alternatives

As a prospective machinist, you have two educational alternatives to consider when obtaining CNC machine training. These include academic training and vocational training.

Academic Training

Candidates who wish to become CNC machinists through a formal academic training program may enroll in a certificate or degree program offered by community colleges and technical schools.

These programs include rigorous classroom and hands-on training. They can be completed in one or two years, depending on whether it is a certificate or an associate degree program.

Vocational Training

Instead of going with academic training, aspiring CNC machinists may also choose to obtain training on the job by enrolling in formal apprenticeship programs.

These programs help students combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on training. They can be completed between 2 to 4 years.

Additional Skills

Additional skills that will be useful for a CNC machinist in New York include problem-solving, interpersonal skills, communication, the ability to think under pressure, assertiveness, safety consciousness, physical strength, and time management.


Lastly, once they complete the above steps, an aspiring CNC machinist may go on to work in an array of industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine engineering, and more.

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Top CNC Machinist Schools in New York

The following are some of the top CNC machinist training programs in New York:

Monroe Community College

Monroe Community College is one of the top colleges in the state to acquire high-quality CNC Machine Technology training. The school is part of the State University of New York College system. It offers three alternatives: the Machine Tooling certificate program, the Precision Machining Associate of Applied Science degree program, and the Precision Machining: Optical Fabrication certificate program.

Hudson Valley Community College

Hudson Valley Community College is another destination in New York with a CNC machinist training program that operates at a very high standard. The school is also part of the State University of New York College system.

Aspiring CNC machinists earn an associate in occupational studies degree while receiving quality instructions in precision metal manufacturing, composite and plastic manufacturing, drill presses, HAAS automation, and more.

Mohawk Valley Community College

Lastly, aspiring CNC machinists in New York may also consider the program at Mohawk Valley Community College. Officially known as the Computer Numerical Control Machinist technology program, this program teaches critical topics such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD & T), blueprint reading, safety, and more.

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State Licensure and Certification Requirements

CNC machinists in New York do not have to obtain a state license before securing employment. All they need is proper training and an appeal to employers.

To improve their employability, CNC machinists in the state may choose to become certified. Thankfully, plenty of nationally recognized CNC machinist certificates and certification bodies exist.

Some of the most prominent alternatives include the Haas Automation CNC Operator/Programmer certification, the CNC Machining level I & II certification, the Mastercam Certified Professional (MCP) credential, and the FANUC Robotics Certified Education Robot Programmer (CERP) credential, among others.

Salary and Job Outlook

As a CNC machinist in New York, you may look forward to an annual average salary of $77,021, practically the same as the national average for other states. Generally, entry-level CNC machinists just starting in the state earn closer to $56,024 and only attain the state average after gaining more experience.

Professionals who earn the most in the state can earn as much as $105,889. Sorting strictly by location, the highest paying city to be a CNC machinist in New York include New York City, with an annual average salary of $114,886; Tonawanda, with an average yearly salary of $114,806; and Bohemia, with an average annual wage of $84,778.