Carpentry Schools in Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful state in which to work as a carpenter. The state offers a straightforward path for professionals in this field to begin their carpentry careers, along with an impressive salary to go with it.

Carpenters in Virginia also have an easy road to start their businesses and scale their earnings even further.

Understanding the requirements before starting the journey is essential for aspiring carpenters in the state. Not only will this ensure that they know exactly what to expect as they go along, but it will also help them make better decisions.

To that end, we have provided below the basic requirements for becoming a carpenter in Virginia. We have also highlighted the possible licenses to apply for, along with the top programs in the state and more.

How to Become a Carpenter in Virginia

Aspiring carpenters in Virginia may consider the following avenue to begin their careers.

Fulfill the Basic Requirements

The basic requirements for becoming a carpenter in Virginia involve having a high school diploma or GED. Being sound in subjects such as mathematics, geometry, and other related topics will also go a long way in preparing candidates for their carpentry training.

Obtain Training from an Academic Program

Carpenters in Virginia often start their careers by enrolling in a formal academic program at community colleges and trade schools. Even though the state does not require this, individuals choose to do so anyway because it may help boost their employment potential.

Apprenticeship Programs

Another way to begin a carpentry career in Virginia is to obtain training via an apprenticeship program. This is a form of training on the job. Apprenticeship programs ensure that carpenters get to work with actual tools and real-life projects from the start.

Carpenter “in training”

Another way of obtaining training as an aspiring Carpenter is to work as a carpenter’s assistant. This way, individuals bring all the skills they need to branch out independently by watching and learning from licensed carpenters.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

Carpenters in Virginia are expected to obtain a license before they can start working professionally in the state. However, the particular claim they will apply for depends significantly on a few factors, the most important of which is the value of the contracts they plan to take on.

Carpenters who take on individual contracts of up to $10,000 and cumulative agreements of up to $150,000 yearly must obtain a class-A license. Those who work on personal projects of up to $120,000 and incremental projects of up to $750,000 a year must apply for a class B license.

Lastly, carpenters in Virginia who take on contracts that are unlimited in value must acquire a class C license. To apply for this license, candidates must have 5 years of experience and complete a pre-licensure education course.

Top Carpentry Schools in Virginia

Aspiring Carpenters in Virginia may consider some of the top programs below.


Virginia Technical Institute

Lynchburg, VA Online + Campus

Virginia Technical Institute offers excellent carpentry training, including classroom and practical sessions. By graduation, students will have acquired expertise in blueprint reading and working with plans and elevations.

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$15,478 - $36,090
  • (434) 369-8200



Chantilly Academy

Chantilly, VA Online + Campus

Chantilly Academy is another respectable institution in Virginia offering a comprehensive carpentry program. Students of this program will not only be able to carry out actual carpentry duties, but they will also be taught to develop additional skills such as communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

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  • (703) 222-7460



Centura College

Chesapeake, VA Online + Campus

Lastly, aspiring carpenters in Virginia can always rely on the training program at Centura College to kick-start their careers. The program is pervasive and takes 12 months to complete. It is also highly flexible, as students can take classes in the morning and at night.

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$16,637 - $25,618
  • (757) 549-2121


Explore Carpentry Schools By City

Salary and Career Outlook

In Virginia, a carpenter’s annual salary will depend on various factors such as location, experience, and even current market trends in housing and construction. Based on these factors, carpenters in the state can earn as low as $40,305 if they fall into the bottom 10% of salary earners or as high as $84,913 if they fall into the top 10% of earners.

Those in the midpoint earn an annual average salary of $58,501.

Based on location alone, Fairfax carpenters are the state’s highest-paid. They earn an annual average salary of $71,453. They are followed by Leesburg, with an average yearly salary of $64,505, and Fort Belvoir, with an average annual wage of $61,988.

Virginia Beach and Norfolk complete the top five highest-paying cities for carpenters in Virginia, with annual average salaries of $61,264 and $59,597, respectively.