Auto Mechanic Schools in Florida

Many of the automotive vehicles we see on the road today are powered by complex systems that require a great deal of mechanical understanding to fix and maintain. For this reason, there has never been a better time to pursue a career as an auto mechanic than now.

If you are a Florida resident who wishes to pursue a career in the field, the resource below should be of immense help.

First, we look at the educational requirements needed to begin a career in the field before providing a quick overview of the certification and licensing alternatives.

We also provide a quick overview of the potential salary an auto mechanic in Florida can look forward to, along with the job projection for the next 10 years.

How To Become an Automotive Mechanic in Florida

Basic Prerequisites

The essential requirement is the first thing you must concern yourself about on your journey to become an auto mechanic in Florida. This includes being a High School graduate with a diploma to show for it or having a GED in its place.

While no law in the country mandates applicants to have these credentials, employers and training programs often ask for them.

Training Programs

After fulfilling the prerequisites above, the next step is to enroll in a training program to learn what is required of you when you start working. Now there are two broad approaches to this: acquiring training on the job through an apprenticeship and enrolling in a formal training program.

On-the-Job Training

Since there are no basic post-secondary educational requirements for auto mechanics in Florida, aspiring candidates can enroll in apprenticeship programs or work as assistants to mechanics to obtain their training on the job.

Formal Training Programs

The second alternative to on-the-job training is enrolling in a formal training program. These programs offer a structured environment where students can learn the fundamentals of their jobs before they’re actually thrown into the field.

The best training programs also incorporate a little bit of hands-on practical sessions so that students can put to the test what they are being taught in the classroom.

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Top Automotive Mechanic Schools in Florida


Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College

Miami, FL Campus Only

Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College offer rigorous hands-on training and the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience by working with actual dealerships in the area.

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$2.56 - $10.25 per Credit
  • (305) 557-1100



Pinellas Technical College

St. Petersburg, FL Online + Campus

Pinellas Technical College has a comprehensive Automotive Technology training program with numerous experienced instructors and beautiful facilities.


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$7,181 - $10,182
  • (727) 893-2500

  • Email in Bio


Broward College

Fort Lauderdale, FL Online + Campus

Broward College is famous for its high-quality programs, of which the Automotive Technology program is only a part. Admitted candidates will receive all the training they need to secure employment quickly.

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$117 - $373 per Credit
  • (954) 201-7350


Explore Auto Mechanic Schools By City

Licensure and Certification Requirements

Just like most states, Florida has no mandatory licensing requirements for its auto mechanics. There are also no mandatory certification requirements, but most professionals choose to get certified anyway because it makes finding employment easier and can be an excellent way to remain accountable for self-improvement.

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is usually the go-to organization for certification in automotive mechanics. One of the best parts of becoming certified with the ASE is choosing your areas of specialization and focusing on those.

To become certified, candidates are usually required to have acquired training on the job or graduated from a training program. They will also have to sit for and pass a special examination.

Salary and Job Outlook

On average, auto mechanics in Florida earn an annual base salary of $59,598. Factors such as experience, location, certification, and type of employer can all influence whether or not an auto mechanic falls above or below the average.

Those just starting may fall into the bottom 10% and earn an annual average salary of $36,444. Those who have garnered enough experience and have spent time perfecting their craft can make as high as $97,460.

Auto mechanics in the state can also improve their earnings by working overtime.

Sorting strictly by location, data shows that auto mechanics in Jacksonville take home the highest average salary for auto mechanics in Florida. They earn an average annual wage of $66,060.

Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Sarasota are the top five, with annual average salaries of $63,629, $62,971, $60,259, and $59,737, respectively.