Aircraft Mechanic Schools in Charlotte

Aircraft mechanics in Charlotte, North Carolina, must pass the FAA certification exams before they can start working professionally. An aircraft mechanic training school must ensure that students are prepared for this exam by the time they finish their programs.

Ultimately, aircraft mechanics in Charlotte, North Carolina, who attend the best training programs, can pass these exams and do their jobs at a very advanced level. To help candidates in the city discover the best programs, we have provided the list below containing several notable institutions and their highlights.

How to Become an Aircraft Mechanic in Charlotte

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the most crucial step in becoming an aircraft mechanic is to pass the FAA’s certification exam. This exam is divided into three sections – the knowledge, oral, and skills test, all pertinent to a candidate’s specialization.

For instance, aircraft mechanics pursuing the airframe specialization must carry out these tests about airframe certification. In contrast, those seeking the power plant specialization will have to carry out these tests as they relate to powerplant certification.

Those pursuing both the airframe and powerplant specializations must undertake the tests for each category.

Top Aircraft Mechanic Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina

Below are some of the more prominent aviation maintenance technology schools in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Aviation Institute of Maintenance is a popular destination nationwide for high-quality aviation maintenance technology training. Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, may consider the school’s campus in Charlotte, where they can learn under the supervision of top-class tutors in a serene environment.

The Charlotte campus is 51,000 square feet and has 17 classrooms equipped with modern audio-visual equipment.

The school also boasts a computer lab and learning resource center where students can go to gain access to cloud-based materials to enhance their training.

As expected, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance’s Charlotte campus is accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Wayne Community College

Wayne Community College offers aspiring aircraft mechanics in North Carolina the opportunity to start their careers through the school’s aviation systems technology program. Students receive full training for the airframe and or power plant ratings, focusing on aircraft systems components drawings and basic electricity.

Students will also become familiar with engine inspections, maintenance, shop mathematics, and FAA regulations. Wayne Community College’s aircraft mechanic program has an average class size of no more than 25 students, so students will always receive the full attention they deserve.

Among the available degrees and certificates are a degree in aviation systems technology, a diploma in airframe aviation system technology, and a powerplant diploma in aviation systems technology.

Guilford Technical Community College

Guilford Technical Community College offers another excellent destination to receive training as an aspiring aircraft mechanic in North Carolina. The Federal Aviation Administration accredits the school and has a thorough curriculum designed to prepare students for airframe and powerplant certification examinations fully.

One of the major appeals of this program is that the school has strong relationships with various local and national employers, which gives graduates a genuine opportunity to leverage this connection to secure employment quickly.

Students may attend the certificate programs in airframe and powerplant or the associate of applied science degree program in aviation systems technology.

Craven Community College

Craven Community College in New Bern has a history of producing successful technicians in various aviation maintenance fields. Students learn under the supervision of high-quality instructors who emphasize classroom and hands-on training.

The school’s comprehensive curriculum prepares students for the FAA airframe and powerplant certification. Graduates of this program can go on to work with several companies, including aircraft manufacturers, repair stations, government operations, flight schools, and fixed-base operators.

College of the Albemarle

Lastly, aspiring aviation mechanics in North Carolina may consider enrolling in the aviation systems technology program at the College of the Albemarle. Here, fresh students are prepared for the airframe and powerplant certification examinations. Those with their certificate may also apply for an associate in applied science degree in aviation systems technology.

The FAA approves the program’s curriculum.

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